About Us

MIRP is about economic self-reliance, well-being and peaceful co-existence between and among communities through a multi-year (2019-2023) and multi-sectors (Livelihoods, Education and skills training, Wash, Protection and Environment) transformative programming in Kikuube, Hoima districts and Kyangwali refugees settlement.


Figure 1: The multidimensional nature of this Consortium’s Interventions

Driven by evidence that the influx of refugees spreads thin the already meager resources of host communities; and cognizant of the fact that host communities themselves have nearly similar needs to those of refugees; four international NGOs are partnering in a Consortium arrangement to provide a range of locally relevant, multi-sectoral interventions across the humanitarian-development continuum which will also significantly contribute to long term development. However, moving beyond this rather simple notion of ‘continuum’, this program aims to operationalize the current-day ‘nexus’ thinking that realizes that given the complexities of such contexts, there is a need to apply humanitarian, development and peace-building models and approaches concurrently within a given context in order to respond to the diversity of needs and building upon the existing capabilities and capacities to move the social, psychological, physical, mental and economic well-being of the affected populations (host and refugees) forward collectively. Indeed, when considered in a holistic manner, the comprehensive community-based development plan seeks to impact positively on the multitude of dimensions illustrated in the accompanying schematic.