Education And Skills Training

“Partnerships with Local Artisans Strengthen Youth Entrepreneurship in Kyangwali Sub County”

The education component of the programme is supporting the local government to address two major issues in Kikuube district: the low literacy and numeracy rates among school children (only 33% of refugee’s children and 67% of host community children were attending formal school at the time of the survey), and the high rates of youth unemployment.

The MIRP programme improves Literacy, Numeracy and Developing Skills for increased resilience and contribution to inclusive economic development for refugees and host communities of Kikuube district. Its approach is a sustainable social change towards increased support from the communites towards children’s education.  

This aspect of the MIRP programme, led by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), includes provision of safe and inclusive learning environment with construction of schools and support to existing primary schools in Kikuube district, vocational skills training (200 youth have been enrolled as of December 202) and enrollment of 1,971 learners per year into the Accelerated Education Programme.