“Oyet Albert, a member of Nguruwe Community Tree Nursery Operators in Kyangwali refugee settlement”

The environmental and impact assessment carried out in September 2020, highlights the pressure put on natural forests for fuel (firewood and construction materials) in Kikuube district and Kyangwali refugee’s settlement equally. The baseline already showed that 80% of household in Kikuube district use firewood as the main source for energy for cooking. At the same time, only 55% % of the MIRP baseline respondents are aware of the dangers of degrading the environment.

MIRP programme, through the Lutheran World Federation is addressing these major issues through increased utilization of energy savings technologies (2000 households are already using our energy efficient cooking stoves as of December 2020) and sustainable use of natural resources within the refugees and host communities of Kikuube district (100,000 seedlings have been raised through our supported tree nurseries as of date).