Investment in Uganda more important than ever


Northern Uganda has been shaken by outbreaks of violence between refugees and locals. Act The Church of Sweden is in place with an initiative that aims to create conditions for peace. – We are currently investigating what the root causes of the outbreak of violence may be, says Sanaz Sedigh at the Church of Sweden Act.

Ten people were killed in mid-September in northern Uganda in connection with South Sudanese refugees and locals clashing at a place where people fetch water. The outbreak of violence did not come completely unexpectedly and was noticed by several international media.-At first glance, it may look like it is peaceful here, but after a while it dawns on you that there is no peace in the camp, a person from the locals tells Act Svenska kyrkan.Act The Church of Sweden is located in Uganda with efforts within the framework of a consortium. In short, the cooperation is about creating conditions for peace and development among refugees and locals in western Uganda, the refugee settlement of Kyangwali and residents of the Kikuube district.– In the last four years that I have worked in Uganda, I have never experienced this degree of violence between the locals and the refugees, says Claire Mazin, who coordinates the work on site.

Long-term perspective necessary

According to her, the outbreak of violence shows precisely the need for innovative long-term work in Uganda with coordinated investment in areas such as agriculture, education, gender issues and equality. These are some of the main components of the Church of Sweden’s work in place, where basic peace work through social dialogue and a focus on raising people’s social well-being is central.

Through the initiative, the Church of Sweden Act works with partners for peaceful coexistence, but also to understand the underlying mechanisms behind the violence. Act The Church of Sweden specializes in taking care of the individual’s specific needs in society and refugee settlements in order to create conditions for social coexistence between refugees and the local population.

The investment in Uganda also focuses on sustainability, the environment and climate-adapted measures. Preventive measures and raising issues concerning sexual violence, gender-related violence and gender issues are some of the cornerstones of the work.

Right now, the Church of Sweden Act and other partners in the initiative are conducting a basic investigation to get clarity on the reasons behind the outbreak of violence. The method used by the Church of Sweden Act to create peace and cohesion will be given additional weight in the continued work and further developed in collaboration with other partners within the initiative.

– We combine development, humanitarian and peace-building within the initiative, a model that may become a guide for future programs for the Church of Sweden in other countries. Cooperation between different organizations with different expertise is a key to success, says Sanaz Sedigh, program coordinator for Uganda at Act Church of Sweden.

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